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The Advantages you enjoy as a BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee

As a BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee, you will be aligned with a company that is recognized as a leading business organization and one of the best cleaning business franchise opportunities available.

The real key to BG Cleaning Systems' success is people like you --- our franchise owners. The key to the success of our franchises is BG Cleaning Systems itself. With our 17 years of experience in and knowledge of the cleaning industry, together with our training and support programs, our concept is unrivaled by other Cleaning franchise Companies.

The Benefits of becoming a BG Cleaning Systems Franchisee

You'll be using a tried and tested business system that has worked in any economic climate. BG Cleaning Systems International started out as a very small business enterprise and has now grown a thousandfold compared to its original status in the last 17 years.

You'll have a support line available to you for any technical or operational support needs. We will be there to help you anytime, anywhere.

You'll only need a minimal startup investment cost since this business system is a low cost, low risk concept. We start small, but we think BIG.

You do not need to have too many employees in the beginning. You can start with a two-person team and graduate slowly but surely to more.

We provide you with a startup business, equipment & marketing package.

You'll have access to our 17-year experience and knowledge in the cleaning industry, and to the wide range of cleaning systems that we have available for you according to your capacity and ability.

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